Webinar Sales Magic


Webinar Sales Magic

Next Wednesday Dec. 10th, MLSP is doing the industry's largest product release of 2014.  On Wed. Dec. 10th at 9:00 pm, L4 leader and MMT member Steve Jaffe, and expert in webinar marketing, will be teaching and training the MLSP community and others how to sponsor 16-28 reps/month and sell any product or service with webinars.  Save this date and put in calendar.  You don't want to miss it!





Steve hit $30,000 per month doing only 1 webinar a week by perfecting a potent webinar selling strategy even newbies can emulate.

On the Dec 10th webinar, after the training component of the webinar, Steve will be making his webinar course available to buy.

In this video/webinar you will learn:

jeff webinar




This webinar will bring your more information on how to build your business.  How to promote it and your business will explode!  You will be an internet ROCK STAR!

  “Automated Webinars Unleashed”:  How To Turn Your Webinar Funnel Into a Time-Liberating Cash Machine that Churns Out Sales 100% On Autopilot While You Do Other Things!

  How To Promote Your Webinar Effectively To Your “List” (If You Have One) So You Have A Flood Of People Pile Onto Your Webinar…Eager to Learn and Buy

  The Surprisingly Simple Way To Use a Bold Promise to Glue Attendees To Your Webinar Until It's Over (Even if your presentation is 2 hours long!)…..

  How to craft A Unique Selling Proposition That Will Differentiate Your Webinar From The Hundreds Of Other Webinars In The Industry….

  Simple, Fun Ways Use Facebook To Easily Generate to 21-34 Leads And Registrations Per Day – For Only $0.35 Per Lead (This is Critical If You Don't Have a “List”)

And Tons More!

This one is going to be a doozy!       

Share with your team and it will make you a leader in this industry.  This is not just for leaders but upcoming leaders in the online industry.

Register Here for Steve Jaffe’s Webinar on Wednesday, December 10:     


P.S. – Want to win in YOUR business like Steve is winning in his? Unlock his secret weapon to get more leads and more sales for your business in the next 24 hours.

About Steve Jaffe

Steve Jaffe, MBA is a top producer in 2 programs, a highly sought internet marketer and a pioneer in the fields of webinar marketing and video marketing. An L4 MLSP leader who has sponsored 300 people, Steve has trained hundreds from the stage and been featured in several industry publications. One of the most effective webinar marketers in the industry, Steve is a top seller of MLSP's 100% payout products and has pioneered many of the industry's most effective webinar selling strategies. Steve holds an MBA degree from MIT's Sloan School Of Management, and a B.A. from Stanford University.