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 Stress Relief 20 fun Activities- May and 2022

If stress is one of your stressors, take a break to relax with these stress relief fun activities.

1.  Have a chilling night watching movies or TV shows

Together as a family, curling up on the couch with cushions piled high to avoid feeling cold during those winter months. If you are flying solo tonight, curl up under a warm blanket and cuddle up with some hot chocolate and cookies to munch on while you watch away!

2.  Set aside time for physical activity:

This could be anything from revving up the treadmill at the gym or going outdoors for some brisk walking or running— whatever form of exercise you enjoy will do just fine! Exercise is an awesome stress reliever because it releases endorphins in the body, which are your stress-beating hormones.

3.  Set aside time to pamper yourself

With a warm bath or shower at the end of the day, complete with stress-relieving aromatherapy candles and some relaxing instrumental music. Once you're out of the bath, apply stress relief lotion all over your limbs to keep them hydrated while also smelling amazing!

4.  Get creativestress relief

By painting or coloring pictures of things that stress you out or releasing some stress through exercising an artsy skill such as knitting, pottery wheel throwing, woodworking etcetera – whatever it is, just get creative!5.  Engage in an artistic activity

What interests you? Whether it's trying out a new recipe or drawing colorful pictures— do what you love doing to beat stress.

6.  Go on an Adventure

Take the stress-busting advice from Disney/ Pixar and go on an adventure! Whether it's going on a hike through a forest, taking a walk along a beach, or going for a scenic drive through the countryside, get out there and explore while harvesting some stress relief from nature!

7.  Go find your favorite book

On your bookshelf and read away stress while sipping on some calming chamomile tea. If reading is not your cup of tea, why not take up that novel writing course you've been thinking about? Believe it or not, writing can be just as therapeutic as reading.

8.  Put on stress-busting tunes and dance it out!

Turn up the volume to get even more stress relief, or sing along to your favorite songs while you dance around your bedroom; go crazy— no one's watching!

9. Your petstress relief

Provides stress relief through loving cuddles and playing with their wagging tails & cute furry faces 🙂

10. Relaxing baths

Are great stress relievers that will calm your nerves while also moisturizing your skin due to the addition of bath salts. Try adding lavender oil for stress-fighting properties before getting into the bathtub!

11. Planning an event

Be it small (like a dinner party) or big (like planning your wedding), can be extremely stressful but also extremely stress relieving at the same time because it will give your mind something to focus on other than stress.

12. School exams?

If you are feeling stressed about a test or exam coming up, why not study stress-relieving tips that can help put your mind at ease? ‘Knowledge is the power they say so knowing what you're up against can be stress relieving in itself!

13. Yogastress relief

Is an awesome way of getting stress relief through stretching out tight muscles and reminding yourself to breathe deeply during challenging poses – it's also super relaxing! Join a beginners yoga class near you if you've never tried before 🙂

14. Watch some stand-up comedy

Either alone or with friends for pure stress relief laughs— one man's stress is another man's stress reliever!

15. Making time to catch up with friends and family

Provides stress relief through shared laughs and memories, especially since we all hook up over social media these days; make the effort to hang out in person if you can!

16. If you're feeling stressed

Try writing down your thoughts in a journal— sometimes just getting your stress onto paper can relieve stress immensely.

17. Read inspiring quotes

For stress relief by famous leaders such as Nelson Mandela or Oprah— reading material that inspires you will motivate you to be stress-free!

18. Get into meditationstress relief

If stress is preventing you from sleeping well at night: numerous studies have shown meditation to be extremely effective when it comes to tackling stress and getting better shut-eye.

19. Take a stress break

Read the latest celebrity gossip to take your mind off things for a few minutes/ hours, depending on how long you have! This stress reliever is especially effective if stress is caused by worrying about something that's making you anxious.

20.  Indulge in a cheeky glass of wine

With friends after a long day— stress relief for adults only, please! Cheers! 🍷🍷

Stress and/or stress relief is a real problem for people. The  list of stress relief of 20 activities we’ve compiled should help you find something that brings your stress levels down and makes you feel better.

We hope this post has been helpful to those who are currently seeking stress relief, as well as those looking forward to the day when they can go back to feeling relaxed and happy without any worries!

Remember all these tips and tricks, don't forget about them next time you're feeling stressed out or overwhelmed. Which item on our list did you like best? Tell us in the comments below!

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