Best business to startStart  a business with little or no investment inMay and 2022

Starting a new business is perhaps one of the most challenging tasks for anyone. Many little or no capital it needs to start a business, but it brings high income if successful. Below are some ideas of ​​business you can start with low investment or no investment at all:

Here are some ideas to consider:

Start a dropshipping business

If you can't afford to buy many products, dropshipping is a great way to start with little or no capital. With this business model, you do not have to take possession of goods before selling them. You simply link the site of the manufacturer to your page, sell their products and wait for orders from customers. If someone buys a product, you contact the manufacturer to send it directly to your customer.

There is another advantage of dropshipping ​​is that it is free from the high costs and risks of running a conventional business. You can build a website quickly and cheaply without worrying about storage or shipping charges. And if you do not have customers in the early months, there is little chance of making a loss, because you are not spending money on inventory or shipping.

In addition to dropshipping, there are other types of business that cost little investment and do not need to stock it.

These include marketing info products or intellectual property market online services such as amazon web services.

One model for starting with

  • Design and sell print on demand t-shirts

This is a great model of ​​business that requires little or no money to start because all you do is open an account on print-on-demand sites like Zazzle and Spreadshirt. You will be promoted in the t-shirts store as possible buyer's designs buy some customers. And guess what/, you can generate a commission from the sale of the t-shirt.

  • Launch your own book

Another business concept is to write your own book (or eBook) and sell it on Amazon. More than seventy percent of its sales coming from independent writers, so you can make a good income by writing a few books.

Basic requirements for most people who want to start their own bookstore are not too high; The only thing that requires is a computer connected to the Internet and writing skills. Anyone who wants to do so can write a book by himself or with the assistance of a ghostwriter for less than $ 1,000. Maybe FIVERR.


In addition, if you have never written before, there are many sites that provide free guides on how to write and publish your own books.

home businessIf you want to make the book available to the public, you will need a platform like Amazon or Facebook. When someone buys your book on one side, it automatically appears in all other sites where it is available.

To sell books through the Amazon Kindle program (which has more than 400 million customers), you must first upload your work to their publishing platform so that it can be displayed in a virtual bookstore.

The process is not difficult and they will help you every step of the way, but if you make mistakes or do not follow the rules, Amazon can refuse your application.

And once your account has been approved, you will earn up to 70% royalty for each book sold.

And there are other sites such as BookBaby .com, AuthorHouse, or iUniverse that will help you to publish your book.

  • Affiliate Marketing (selling other people's digital products)

This is one of the easiest forms of marketing on the Internet, but it requires a website from which to start promoting affiliate products.

Affiliate Marketing is used by thousands of bloggers and small businesses are successful with this method.

The most popular affiliate programs are in online stores such as Amazon or business to start with little or no money

Thus, if you have an account on these sites, you can start promoting their products to earn a commission. And in addition, there are many sites dedicated to the promotion of affiliate programs.

The success of this type of business model depends on how much time you spend promoting your website and writing content for it.

The more time you devote yourself to your online store, the more likely it is that will result in sales. Have a freelancer set one up for you on Fiverr.

Join the many affiliate marketing programs. Like, Click Bank, JVZoo and Digistore. (no cost to join)

here are some more ideas!


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