Robert Kiyosaki, Motivational speeches – My 9 takeaways in June and 2022

“Based on Robert Kiyosaki's story through his motivational speeches, you will have learn about his struggles to obtaining success with a determination to win.

Here are 9 of my takeaways from listening to his speeches.

I realized from Robert Kiyosaki is what motivates people.

Being broke motivated Robert Kiyosaki, so he did whatever it took to become rich.    He took up odd jobs and worked his way to where he wanted to be.    I can motivate myself by believing in my dreams and fighting for them every single day .

I realized that if I go after what I want, success will follow .

If you look at Robert Kiyosaki's story, he wasn't afraid of failure and took action, and his life transformed.    It doesn't matter what it is that I want to do, but the only way I can achieve success in anything is by going after it with a positive mindset .

I learned that you need to take risks , practice every day and go out of your comfort zone if you truly want to achieve any goal.

Risk leads to success; it's inevitable .    Robert Kiyosaki didn't follow his passion until he took risks and put in the effort to earn money.    If you really want to learn what you want, then put in the work that it takes to be successful.

I learned that it's okay to fail, but I have to be willing to fight back .

Robert Kiyosaki is a story of success, but he is also an example of fighting failure.    He never gave up during his struggles and believed that one day, his dream would come true.    I have to be willing to pick myself up, dust off and keep going.

I realized that you need a positive mindset if you want anything in life .

Robert Kiyosaki's story is an example of never giving up when things get difficult.    He showed me that if I just have a positive mindset, then success will follow.    I don't have to fear anything; I can achieve whatever it is that I want, but only if I believe in myself and never give up .

I realized that you need to make sacrifices to make things happen .

Robert Kiyosaki made many sacrifices to become rich, all for his passion.    Making sacrifices doesn't mean you're giving up; it means that you are willing to work hard for your dream.    I need to make sacrifices to do whatever it takes to be successful .

I learned that passion is the key to success .

Robert Kiyosaki didn't start with money; he started with his passion.    People want what they cannot have, so if you follow your passion, success will soon follow.    If I am passionate about something, then I can be successful in it.

I learned that the only way to achieve anything is by taking action .

Robert Kiyosaki said that he wouldn't have achieved his dream without action; no one will.   The only way to achieve success in anything is by taking action .    I can't get what I want without putting in the effort.

I learned that you need to be persistent to achieve anything .

Robert Kiyosaki said that success is inevitable, but it's up to me.    If I am persistent about achieving my dream, then there is no one who can stop me.    I have to be persistent if I want success.  It is easy to get caught up in the rat race of life and forget about why we are really here.

Sometimes it takes a little motivation from someone who has been there before, like Robert Kiyosaki. His speeches remind us that our dreams can come true – as long as we take action every day towards them! The key point I took away from his latest motivational speech was understanding what motivates people and then applying those principles into your own business or lifestyle.

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Therefore, I will be successful in my life, will you?

Robert Kiyosaki