Learn which affiliate marketing model works


Learn Which Affiliate Marketing Model is the Best 

affilatemakingmoneyOnline businesses today are getting more creative with advanced technologies. The market notes an expanding scope of online businesses that are simple and lucrative in generating  great side incomes without giving up on current full time professions.



Affiliate marketing options

Ordinary consumers are discovering the potential of an effective income generating tool in the market with affiliate marketing. They can identify four types of business models offered in affiliate marketing that promote income generation. These are the content-based affiliate model, shopping portal revenue model, review-style business model and the coupon marketing model.

These affiliate marketing models can be manipulated on their own or together depending on the affiliate’s business management, acumen, preference and time. A content-based affiliate model requires a well designed website with high quality articles centering on one major theme. Appropriate links can be attached to the marketer’s website for those who are interested to seek out more information or make purchases online. The affiliate would enjoy agreed commission when traffic is directed to the business website and purchases are conducted. Hence, an informative website with high creativity and user friendliness would draw more web traffic to this site and the business website.

Such a website must always be updated with the latest helpful and interesting information that is written creatively to keep subscribers coming back for more. That is when a blog comes into play. Blog orangeSuch a good traffic response would also attract the attention of top search engines to receive a potentially higher SERP that is favorable to the affiliate marketer.

A review-style affiliate model engages a website where the webmaster tests the products and services thoroughly to offer a credible review or recommendation that would be helpful to consumers seeking such items. The review-style affiliate model can be set up easily and similarly to the content-based affiliate model to provide the right categories of relevant information to its readers. A stronger affiliate website can be structured by combining the two affiliate models to generate a more credible business site for consumers.

Honest product or service reviews are always in demand, especially true and personal reviews that are unbiased. Some review sites are actually inclined towards the business sites based on business relations.

A coupon affiliate model is another interesting affiliate marketing program that a dynamic consumer can indulge in. This type of affiliate marketing program is also known as a deals affiliate model where the emphasis is on the availability of coupons or special purchase deals draw consumers to make purchases that give them great savings.

Many vibrant business sites today offer all types of coupons and best deals over a wide range of products and services to cater to the wide categories of consumers in the market. Affiliate marketers have great business opportunities opened for them to indulge in a successful online business with the wide variety of options to draw more customers on the range of offers on their table. This would generate more income into their pockets for affiliate marketers.

How do they sell the products?  Developing capture or landing or sales pages. and promote them.  Most affiliate programs have already produce capture pages or sales pages usually with a sales video.  So have the work in done.

Smart affiliates may want to check and compare for the best of shopping coupons and best deals in the market to enjoy higher income generation. It is crucial to identify niche coupon markets that would have more business opportunities to generate higher income.

The last but not the least affiliate marketing model is the shopping portal model where the Internet today offers a plethora of shopping portals in a myriad of shopping categories. Affiliates on shopping portal model can focus on niche shopping categories to choose to work with appropriate shopping portals for more profits.

Greater effects with combined affiliate models

Any of the mentioned affiliate marketing models work out well if the affiliate marketer is diligent and creative in the operations with a good understanding of its concept, potentials and limitations. However, greater success can be obtained when two or more of these affiliate marketing models are combined to fit the market conditions.

It is possible for an ordinary consumer to become a successful affiliate marketer via this home-based online business venture without high capital or complicated setup. It is easy to build a successful affiliate blueprint with two or more of these affiliate business models when the similar or different aspects of these models are properly combined to fit the marketer’s operational style and market preferences.

It is always better to conduct a review of the product. Explain how you use the products and share your marketing results. The smart affiliate marketer can research and monitor the market demands before blending various affiliate business models to fit the market conditions or trends. This can generate more income for the affiliate marketer without incurring extra cost or time. Hence, a content-based affiliate model can blend with a review model on specific products to be promoted to make a more convincing call on sales. A niche shopping portal can be combined with coupon affiliate models where consumers would enjoy great savings with online coupons used in the niche shopping portal.

Such affiliate programs offer huge potentials to generate high income with little cost.

Choice of affiliate marketing model

It is quite impossible to confirm one affiliate marketing model to be the best in the market as each holds its own strengths and limitations. It is up to the consumer turn affiliate marketer to check and compare the features and conditions with each affiliate business model before registering with the relevant affiliate networks to commence affiliate marketing.

Some may prefer the Pay-per-Click program which requires a small website to place links that leads to the merchant’s website for making purchases. The affiliate earns a commission for every click on the link to visit the merchant’s website. There is also the Pay-per-sale affiliate program where affiliates enjoy commissions only if a sale is executed on the promoted products or services by the affiliate on their website.

A Pay-per-performance program offers the highest commission for affiliates as merchants pay affiliates when a referral performs a preferred action like filling up an online form or participates in an online survey.

The Pay-per-Lead program offers a commission when affiliates can convince web visitors to fill up an online form or document such as registration form or email address that would allow the merchant to follow up as potential lead for the company.


I recommend www.jvzoo.com. They have many products to choose from. Another good source is www.ClickBank.com. The one I am currently using is MLSP. This company is a lead generation company but also have products to sell and there is a 100% commission on every product sold. Some affiliates may only pay 40% and up to 100%. Just do your homework.

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