4 Tips To Use Facebook To Recruit More Customers and/or Distributors

Every Internet business owner or marketer needs to consider Facebook in growing and expanding their business. This dynamic social media networking platform is huge with over a billion users using its network daily to attract marketers in seeking potential business leads.

However, marketers need to be proficient in four important aspects of Facebook before they could engage in effective and efficient Facebook marketing. Home-based Internet businesses would require distributors/customers to be recruited to grow the business brand instead of relying on one marketer alone which would slow down the success of the business.

1) Set Up a Dynamic Facebook Profile
One of the most important steps to take in engaging with Facebook marketing is to set up a free Facebook account with a profile page.  (There are several web sites that can help you create Facebook timeline picture).  Check out other marketers profile timelines to give you a better idea.


The marketing strategy works best with the marketer as another Facebook user instead of a company or even a marketer. This is due to the nature of Facebook that was designed to connect and interact with other individuals on personal sharing.

BUT, never promote your business opportunity on your Facebook profile timeline.  Your account could violate Facebooks rules.  You don't want to go to FB jail and have your account shut down.  Facebook frowns on spamming links, business opps advertising and many other violations.  Check out FB TOS.

The marketer engaging Facebook could be displayed as a professional Internet marketer as a profession without hitting on sales pitch all the time.



A pleasant personal picture posted on the profile page works well with potential business leads that want to know whom they are interacting within business or on a personal level.  Branding is another descriptive of using Facebook by using pictures/images of you.

People want to do business with you not your company.  Never the other way around.  Huge mistakes for marketers.

A creative cover image would win more likes and interactions that could be built up as potential leads for the business.  When these leads become familiar in a strong relationship built on trust and confidence, they could be recruited as business customers/distributors to grow the business. Then you can refer them to your Fan Pages.  Remember you are branding you, not the business opportunity.

A lot of relevant personal and subtle business information could be added on Facebook for a quick understanding by potential leads. This would also draw like-minded individuals or those with an interest in the business to contact the marketer for further details on being a business distributor.

Facebook offers a business page where business information could be posted to separate personal information on the profile page. I would highly recommend you create a business fan page if you want to promote your business.  Instead of place of employment, add your fan page url.

2.  Create a Fan Page

Building a fan page is vital to your business.  It doesn't matter whether you are a online marketer, real estate, financial, insurance and many other businesses.  This is free to create.  You can have unlimited fan pages.  I think I have 14 pages as of today.

Here is a sample of my fan page @marketingwithlin on Facebook.

Fan Pageimage













With this fan page you can engage with your potential customers.  Always provide value and not spam your links all throughout your posts.  You will lose potential customers.  You can provide quotes, images, tips, training, strategies, and how to videos.

Use the 80%-20% rule.  80% -Value  20% Promotions.

A couple of actions you need to take to create your fan page and grow your likes.

  1.  Create a name for your fan page.  Facebook will allow you to change this one time only.
  2. Create an  about description of what you do.
  3. Invite your friends to like your page.
    >I will have how to videos coming soon on future blogs on how to set up a fan page.
  4. Create a fan page timeline photo.  This should tell people right away who you are.

19 minute video

3) Establish a Dynamic Connection with Facebook Users
The purpose of indulging in Facebook marketing is to enjoy the millions of potential leads that this marketing platform offers. It may not be reaping the millions, but a few thousand a day is more than enough to keep the business blooming for a long time in the market.

This is how the brand or business stays relevant in the market to be a market leader.

There must be a growing list of fans and followers on the marketer’s Facebook account as the marketer takes the initiative to add on members to the personal fan base. Soon a big list would be established if the marketer diligently adds on a consistent number of fans and followers every day.

However, it is not just the quantum that is important to the success of Facebook marketing for any Internet business. Marketers would need to make time to connect and interact with all in the fan base or mailing list so that a strong relation is established over time.

This would prove useful when the business opportunities surface to promote the business brand or products.

Marketers could engage with more Facebook users and fans via Facebook groups which exist on the platform in abundance. Marketers could also generate their own Facebook groups to attract the desired crowd in promoting their brand and business.

These would be more focused groups for the marketers to work on relentlessly in converting many to become not just customers but also distributors. Regular mails and chats could be conducted to educate and update group participants on the benefits and ropes of the business for quick successes.

Marketers could also choose the types of existing Facebook groups they want to join as there would be an existing audience for the marketers to check out and select.  Just do a search like, internet marketing, social media etc.  Once you join, you can generate posts to promote your opportunities.

Professionalism and subtle marketing strategies must be engaged by the marketer to woo and win participants in existing groups without being unethical in their approach. As the marketer connects with more Facebook users, more attention would be focused on the brand and marketer to generate greater market awareness with more followers and enquiries.

Posting on the group participants’ walls regularly helps them to focus on what the brand and business entails to stir further interest and curiosity. Interesting and appealing posts offer higher value to group participants who would be more open to future business propositions.

Online ads could also be posted on Facebook groups that offer a viable solution with a link back to the marketer’s web business site for further information.

4) Being Proactive on Social Media
Facebook is a dynamic social media platform that was designed to promote social connectivity. Marketers would need to exploit this Facebook feature to benefit from it.

A lot of online social interaction is required on a regular basis to stay in touch with potential leads that are the business prospects as customers or distributors.   Using other Social Media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn,  Instagram, and Pinterest could be of great benefit.

As the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind” would cost marketers potential customers and distributors if they lag behind in connecting with potential leads regularly. As the marketer interacts more and more with fans, followers and strangers on Facebook, many would strike a strong relationship to become customers and distributors.   Generate posts at least 2-5 posts  day.   Whether it be on your profile page or fan page.

When marketers remain visible on Facebook, they have a viable channel to influence many others on the same platform. Hence, they could be acknowledged as market leaders or industry experts with their useful and innovative suggestions or solutions to specific problems or issues encountered by Facebook users.

A regular interaction with Facebook as with other social media site users builds up a favorable review on the marketer’s customer service ethic. Creative marketers would keep their fans and followers entertained and asking for more with regular posts that would be appreciated. Marketers would be kept on the radar of Facebook fans to enjoy more business opportunities.

These steps would certainly boost the marketing efforts of the Internet marketer subtly but surely without incurring high costs.  There are different ways to boost your following on Facebook with a limited budget.  Check out the next few blogs and I will show you how to set up your Facebook fan page plus other goodies.   

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